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Date: 18/06/2018 - Good morning, how do you pass from the Italian website to the English version?


Good morning, thank you for contacting us. On the internet page dedicated to the announcement there is a dedicated link that takes you to the English version.

Date: 18/06/2018 - Thank you for the allusion to the English page. Unfortunately on the English section some of the important documents are still in Italian language which we cannot employ yet.


Good morning, thank you for contacting us. In this regard, we report that we have translated all the required documents into English, with the exception of some administrative documents and some graphic of the “overview” where the original version has been left.

Date: 26/06/2018 - In the case that a competitor to the call is excluded from the procedure and / or not admitted for any reason, will the Bank guarantee be returned to the competitor without penalty and / or deduction?


Good morning, thank you for contacting us. If the competitor is excluded and / or not admitted, the guarantee will be returned without the application of any penalty.


Data: 28/06/2018 - We would be happy to receive more information about the project.


Good morning, thank you for contacting us. All the details related to the call for proposals have been published on the corporate website of the company S.P.Im. S.p.A. at www.spimgenova.it.


Date: 04/07/2018 - In the document "Disciplinare-waterfront-5-giugno-ore-10-14_CHIOM_6936331_v1-finished-english“ Art 8 you are saying "1) Possess a Net Current Asset indicator, relating to the last financial statement approved at the date of presentation of the expression of interest, greater than or equal to 1 (this indicator must be possessed by each member of the group / team);“ You are referring to the Net Current Asset Indicator. Can you be so kind as to explain which kind of balance sheet item you are putting into a relation?


Good morning, thank you for contacting us. The Net Current Asset indicator refers to the ratio between Current Assets and Current Liabilities that must be greater than or equal to 1.

Current assets means all the assets that are earned over 12 months, such as, but not limited to, credits, inventories, financial resources … etc.

Current liabilities refers to all liabilities to be met within 12 months, such as, by way of example and not exhaustively, all payments to suppliers, employees, banks … etc.

Date: 04/07/2018 - What is your required whos the company filled the tender Please send me your work details? Waiting your reply.


Good morning, thank you for contacting us. In the case of a group, the application must be completed and presented by the Legal Representative of the lead company officially appointed to present the expression of interest. This company must make all the declarations required under Italian law.

Data: 05/07/2018 - We are referring to the above mentioned tender. We have a request for clarification. In the document "Disciplinare-waterfront-5-giugno-ore-10-14_CHIOM_6936331_v1-finished-english“ in Art 10 Guarantees you are requesting a guarantee (surety). We talked to our Bank and in their opinion the default case is not 100% defined. Therefore our Bank wanted me to ask you if you could be so kind as to provide a surety text. Thank you in advance.


Good morning, thank you for contacting us.

The guarantee has been requested to guarantee the seriousness of the proposal and will therefore be returned in any case, including that in which the financial plan demonstrates proven economic imbalances, with the exception of the case in which the value of the appraisal does not exceed 10% the value maximum indicated in the specification.

The guarantee may therefore have standard features.

Date: 10/07/2018 - With reference to the "procedure concerning the sale of properties waterfront di levante" we would like to request some clarifications. 1. What is meant - within the "tender specification" - in Article 7: The request for participation, with all the accompanying documentation, must be presented according to the methods and terms duly indicated in a special notice to be published by S.P.Im. S.p.A., which will also indicate the methods and terms by which specific questions can be forwarded to the Contracting Party.Has a subsequent notice been published by S.P.Im. S.p.A.? after the call for tenders? Will it be published before July 31st? Are there any additional modules / terms? 2. With reference to Article 8 b) participating team: Are team members referring to natural or legal persons? If these natural persons refer / employees to legal entities can they refer only to legal persons? Should consultants also be indicated? 3. In Article 10 guarantees: The reason for inclusion is solely to guarantee the seriousness of the expression of interest? Is there a reference guarantee format? What happens if the guarantee is presented one week late? There is no indication for the deadline: is 31/1/2019 OK?


Good morning, thank you for contacting us.

 1) The notice referred to is that which was published together with the specifications of the tender on the institutional site of S.P.Im. S.p.A. so there is no other subsequent notice.

2) Participating team members can be both individuals and legal entities; if a natural person participating in the team refers to or is an employee of a legal entity, the individual in question must be indicated fully while the legal person must be given as a reference only if that “person” participates directly in the team. It is not necessary to indicate the consultants at this stage, however to better evaluate the team’s professionalism, the indication of these subjects would be an added value.

3) We confirm that the reason for requiring a guarantee is solely to verify the seriousness of the expression of interest. If the guarantee is not presented within the required time limits, the participant will be excluded due to lack of a requested requirement.
There is no reference format for the warranty.

As regards the expiration date of the guarantee, the deadline of 31/01/2019 may be considered valid.


Date 22/07/2018 - Can you tell us how the guarantee on 2.000.000 € would be committed? Because the specifications do not specify this point. If we are the winner, will the guarantee be committed ad how?


The guarantee has been requested only to guarantee the seriousness of the proposal.
As regards the expiration date of the guarantee, the deadline of 31/01/2019 may be considered valid.
n the event that the company is the winner, the guarantee will be released and returned.


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